The Plan

Through partnering with larger more-established rescues and local animal control, to take on a number of their tougher- to- place dogs who need more individual attention to lead to their redemption, RSRL will position itself as a key player in the local rescue community.

Each strategic partnership formed will be geared towards moving the ball forward in South Florida for both animal welfare and human recovery efforts.
We will initially employ and house 3-4 men in recovery. Part of the arrangement will be to employ these men at the ranch in a way that is beneficial both for the men and the ranch. The program will turn over our inhabitants every 6-12 months. We will also eventually offer training in gardening/urban farming, office management, and facilities maintenance. There are a multitude of funding streams and opportunities available for recovery and this is a primary differentiator for us as an organization. Through rescuing dogs and assisting in recovery for our program attendees we provide twice the value by offering two complimentary services to Palm Beach County and the surrounding area. We hope to create a more sustainable future for our organization by opening up possibilities of support from two different communities – Recovery and Rescue. Collaboration with other local recovery and rescue organizations will always be front and center in our model.

In year two we intend to place a minimum of 100 dogs in a recovery home foster network, thus expanding our area of influence for both dogs and people. This will also create a minimum of 2 more jobs for our own “home-grown” recovery home employees as Foster Coordinators.

We plan to place 3-4 people in our “redemption house” during our initial year of operation and increase that number to 7-8 in year two. At that point we will reach our intended capacity on site to help both dogs and people. We will limit maximum length of stay for those living on property to increase the number of people we can help, but we will focus on quality versus quantity to increasethe likelihood of success for those we are returning into the community. By staying modest in size, we can achieve the goal of being a unique rescue. While part of our goal is to save as many lives (dogs and people) as possible, our focus will be on how good a job we are doing first, rather than how often we are “turning over the table.”

Daily curriculum will be established for both dogs and people to ensure healthy routines for mental and physical enrichment, and will provide a sense of safety, stability, productivity and fun for all who inhabit our facility.

Educational Outreach is an area which our research shows that local rescues really lack; therefore, outreach/advocacy in the local schools, public events and in partnership with local corporate sponsors will be a key tactic in advancing our mission, as well as in seeking new partners