Lynn Lobe

Title:- Co-Founder/Director of Medical and Behavioral Efforts

With 20 years of experience, not only as a top flight Veterinary Technician, but also in leadership, university veterinary research, grant-writing, and most recently as the Assistant Director/Manager of Medical Services at Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Lynn Lobe brings truly unique and vast skills to RSRL.  She will supervise our medical needs, train new employees, train our dogs and assist in running the organization in partnership with Ben and Jeff.  At Big Dog Ranch Rescue she was largely responsible for creating new protocols, which were key drivers in substantially increasing our adoption levels.   Our adoptive and foster families called Lynn at all hours of the night with medical questions.  Her incredible devotion to customer service in the name of the dogs was unmatched at BDRR and will be a great asset at RSRL.  Lynn, who is still employed remotely by the University of Minnesota Veterinary Department, at one point was charged with bringing their medical products system budget in line. By the end of year one she had that program $70,000 in the black. While at BDRR, Lynn created new medical product ordering systems and protocols for the ranch, which had the potential of lowering our medical products costs by up to 50%. At BDRR, she learned how to facilitate large playgroups under renowned Behaviorist Aimee Sadler, and this experience will be useful with our dogs’ daily routines. Lynn is a proud Mom to two sons,  and cares for two awesome rescues of her own, Mickey and Vinnie.

Other achievements of Lynn’s include:

  • Organized a new medical team to maintain animal health and well-being; Lynn and Jeff created and maintained a small, but efficient team that understood the importance of giving quality care with limited resources
  • Created and implemented veterinary protocols to include all veterinary related activity such as pharmaceutical use and distribution, disease prevention and control and staff/adopter/foster education in animal behavior
  • Educated the community to help people better understand the importance of rescue