Jeff Jacob

Title:- Co-Founder/Director of Operational and Marketing Efforts

With over 25 years of marketing and leadership experience in both the for-profit world and non-profit realms, Jeff took the role of Director of Operations at Big Dog Ranch Rescue in March of 2014, and resigned June of 2015. Under his guidance and with the substantial help of his management team, the organization achieved the following benchmarks in Jeff’s first 12 months on the job:

  • Reduced employee turnover 75%
  • Achieved most successful adoption year in the history of the organization.
  • First quarter of 2015 out paced 2014 YTD adoptions by 28% for adoptions.
  • Secured sponsorships with Purina to supply top grade food for our animals, thus saving an estimated 90% on our annual food expenditures.
  • Reduced the average length-of-stay from 160 days to 107 days in first 12 months, resulting in vast cost savings on per day/per animal expenditures and putting BDRR on a path to save up to 35% more animals off the streets compared to the previous year.
  • Grew FB fan base from 35,000 to 70,000
  • Supervised Animal Care, Adoptions and Facilities staff
  • Managed Budget and payroll
  • Re-framed the entire volunteer program to include a growth of approximately 75% in scheduled volunteer shifts in partnership with Volunteer Manager.

Jeff will lead RSRL’s marketing and operational systems development and implementation. Jeff’s team-building programs have received rave reviews from companies such as Hilton, Delta and Nissan. These skills will be crucial internally to build successful staff and volunteer teams and externally in local coalition development.  He is currently working on his first book called “All Together Now.” At BDRR, Jeff learned how to facilitate large playgroups under renowned Behaviorist Aimee Sadler, and this experience is crucial in our dogs’ daily routines.