Ben Schlosser

Title:- Co-Founder/Director of Volunteer and Recovery Efforts

Ben has arrived at the five year mark of sobriety after his drug and alcohol struggle. Ben brings his real-life experience to the RSRL. Working for a rehab facility during his first year of sobriety, gave Ben the skill set and experience to open and operate his own multi-unit recovery residence. This has been a successful organization for over 3 years. Ben is dedicated to giving people a second chance. Following his first success, Ben then turned his attention to his passion- dogs. As a highly involved volunteer at BDRR for close to a year, Ben developed a passion and interest in rescuing and caring for the dogs. While at BDRR he became educated about the needs of rescue dogs and what it takes to care and tend to them on a regular basis.

He received such gratification from his work with the dogs that he started bringing other members of recovery to BDRR to help them also gain a new sense of purpose. After months of experience with the dogs and years of experience with helping people, he realized that there could be a symbiotic and beneficial relationship that would give both people and dogs a second chance. He feels that the second chance offered by RSRL would enable dog and man to help redeem each other.  Ben will primarily direct the operations of the house it’s occupants, and the volunteer base.