The mission: Our primary purpose is to redeem both dogs and addicts/alcoholics on the path to sobriety. As a part of their recovery the residents of our redemption house will be the primary care takers of our rescue dogs in hope for a more purposeful means of sobriety, both on the paths of second chances. “Animals helping people helping animals.”

Our belief is that redeeming both dogs and people is possible AND necessary for both species to thrive. And it starts here in our backyard. In rescue we are often a bit guilty of offering up 3rd, 4th, 5th chances to our beloved dogs, but often still refuse to give humans in need the same opportunity to heal and recover. Every day our actions will be driven by love, mutual respect, and transparency. Through embedding the care of our dogs in the actual recovery process of our redemption house inhabitants as a regular, daily part of their rehabilitation curriculum, we hope to provide the most unique, mutually beneficial relationship possible between man and dog.

Through providing daily care for our dogs, our residents will not only learn how to care for dogs, but also, how to be Veterinary technicians, dog handlers, adoption counselors and event managers, therefore giving them tools, a career path, and a purpose.  The dogs will benefit, the program attendees will benefit, and the community will benefit with lower recidivism rates.

The Facility: Our team has moved onto a 6.34 acre ranch with facilities for on-site housing for those in recovery and offices. Our animals will largely live in group settings in a converted barn, or in our recovery house on-site, where we are able to work on “house-training” our dogs before they ever go home! The facility is currently subdivided into 5 play yards. The purchase of this property was made possible by Boarders, LLC, our landlord, and was among our first significant steps towards becoming operational.